Playing with landscape & night photography

Having a full-time job during the week leaves me with little time to practice and stretch my imagination in photography. I have this continuous desire to grow creatively and technically when it comes to my photography. Talents and skills that are not being used become stagnant and sometimes even lost. So, I told myself that I was going to use last weekend's camping trip as an opportunity to broaden my skill sets and possibly dive into a different aspect of photography that I have yet to really explore.

I focused on landscape and night photography. Granted, it wasn't the MOST scenic place and definitely NOT a perfect night to photograph because of the large moon. I was good with it though, because it was simply an exercise for myself. I found so much pleasure in being out in the cool autumn air capturing a bit of the creation around me. Landscape photography has a lot to do with shooting in the right light, actually a lot of photography has to do with knowing your lighting. You have to be willing to stay out late when it's cold or get up early to catch those few moments of perfect morning light as the sun creeps over the horizon.

A few photos have the same subject but shot from a different perspective or light. Some were shot with little thought while others were thought through and required a bit more technical skills than you might realize. I tried to critique myself while out shooting and adjusted what I thought needed to be changed. It wasn't until I got back to my computer and looked at the images more closely that I really understood how I could do better next time. Learning is a process. And I embrace the process. It is not a quick study to acquire a deeper understanding of how to shoot in all sorts of different situations. It takes practice and patience. I enjoy making the time and pursuing it patiently. Photography is my work and also my play.