Teaching portraits

[day 2]

I teach a basic photography course at Harding University. In class today we talked about portraits. I felt that it was important to specifically talk about portraits because most people take photos of people. So, we spent half the time in the classroom looking at photographs and pointing out the importance of light, position, background, framing, emotion, leading lines, etc. and the other half outside shooting. I simply walked around the building guiding the class through my thought process as I looked for the right light, background and composition. It was mid day so the sun was not the most ideal for portraits but a great teaching moment for learning how to work with what you have at the time. We took advantage of shade for the soft light and I used a reflector to help the subject pop a bit more by brightening the his face.

These are the quick basic portraits I shot during class as examples of what I was explaining to my students standing about me...

Thanks to my student Gavin for jumping in and being our model for the day!



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