My own subject

[day 7]

Today was another class day. I started class by giving my students 20 minutes to walk around campus and take a photo. Then we reconvened in the classroom for critique. I did the assignment as well but only gave myself a few minutes. 

I didn't wonder far. Actually, I simply stepped out of the front door of our building. The first thing I noticed was a girl sitting by the door talking on the phone. I am naturally drawn to photographing people, so I quickly thought through my options and landed on photographing her reflection in a nearby window. It not only made the photo a tad more interesting by using the window and wall to frame her, but it also enabled me to photograph her without being intrusive.

I walked a few more feet down the sidewalk and again I noticed the reflection in the windows through the trees, so I decided to be my own subject. I was drawn to photograph the first one because I liked that I was subtly in the corner, amidst all the clutter of the trees and bushes. In the second self-portrait I stepped away from the trees to make myself a bit more noticeable by separating myself from the clutter but still close enough to allow the branches and bushes to naturally frame me.




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