Spain: Barcelona

Barcelona was the last stop before the Harding University students continued on to Paris and I made my way back to the States (if you missed why I traveled through Europe this summer click here). Barcelona is massive, not just in numbers of people but also the amount of land it covers. I caught myself glancing at the map and thinking I would just walk or take a quick metro but after taking way longer than expected, I would finally get to my destination. It's like the city grew bigger every step I took. 

There is no denying the young energetic atmosphere of Barcelona. Make your way down the port/beach area and you will instantly see why this city is on many people's bucket list. The upbeat bustle of young beach goers swarm the walkways. The hip restaurants and food stands fill the air with enticing aromas. While the constant ocean breeze keeps even the hottest days bearable, it is easy to be out enjoying the sights all day long. 

[This is a selection of photos from both 2015 & 2016 summer travels through Barcelona]