Grand adventure

[day 733]

We continued our Sedona vacation by actually getting out of Sedona.  That wasn't our original plan... but when we went to park for our morning hike, the gate was closed and wasn't going to open for a couple more hours.

Yesterday, Steph and I went to this placed called "Red Rock Cafe" for breakfast and Stephanie legit LOVED IT!  She claimed it was the best breakfast of her life so we broke one of our cardinal rules of travel and ate there twice.  During breakfast, we decided to ditch Sedona and head to the Grand Canyon.  Why not?!  It was a beautiful drive and also Steph's first trip to ther canyon and all her magnificence. You cannot tell from the pictures but my typically-courageous best friend was mortified to get near the edge.  It was actually rather comical... ha.  But honestly, we found a great little spot to simply sit, soak it all in, and chat.  It was exactly what our spirits needed.  And on the way home, we drove a difference route and found this amazing field off the side of the road.  It was AMAZING!  And top cap off this perfect grand adventure of a day, Steph patiently waited why I tried my hand at night photography.  I will always stand in awe of God's handiwork when I get a good glimpse at His creation---and I got a lot of glimpses today!

[Saturday, November 10, 2018]



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