Lots to be thankful for

Lots to be thankful for

[day 745]

So… Steph is sick (if you couldn’t tell from the pictures). And not just “I have a cold” sick but legit miserable. We arrived in Missouri yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with her family but she immediately retreated to the bedroom and has stayed there all day. I am so sad she feels so awful and also sad she is missing out on this day of gratitude with her family. But I am sincerely so thankful to be with her today, even if she is feeling her worst. Despite it all, we have lots to be thankful for. And that is why today is my favorite holiday!

P.S. excuse the random Brad Pitt photo that was under the bed for some reason… we were confused by it as well, but it hung out with us and gave us a little giggle.

[Thursday, November 22, 2018]



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