[day 732]

Today is my 29th birthday... the end of my second full year of doing this blog and better yet, the beginning of year three! That’s right, I'm keeping the daily blog going. Wow.

I could enumerate more than 29 things which make today truly spectacular but I suppose I will stick to the basics--God, His faithfulness, His creation, and His daughter Stephanie. We naturally woke up super early this morning and decided to go on a little sunrise hike. Wow! It was absolutely frigid... which became a comical joke because Steph saw the wind advisory and warned me it would be cold but I didn't really take her seriously until I experienced it.  I shivered my way into 29... haha.  But despite the chilly weather, it was a glorious morning atop this amazing bluff overlooking Sedona and the rest of Arizona wilderness. 

 We then adventured all around Sedona.  We found this amazing dirt road outside of town that provided spectacular views and a truly different perspective off the beaten path.  We also decided to do something a little more "touristy" and go to the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  Wow.  This place was so spectacular.  But my favorite part, by far, was the spiritual vortex Steph stumbled upon in the parking lot.  Unsure about these vortexes? Look them up!  But it was a truly serene experience for my best friend and it was restorative and rejuvenating for her--which was a great gift for me!

In true Stephanie fashion, my birthday would not have been complete without a bit of celebration.  Like last year, she purchased a massive party popper and we celebrated in our Airbnb.  It was the best... truly.  I delighted in every moment of ringing in 29.  May this last year of my twenties be truly spectacular!

[Friday, November 9, 2018]



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