Golden girls

[day 782]

Our first full day in San Fran has been AMAZING!  Typically Steph and I avoid the hot-spot touristy places when we travel because we both squirm in a large crowd... but how could we NOT visit the Golden Gate Bridge while here?  We didn't walk all the way across--because it is a whole lot longer than you'd think and because everyone else was doing it... ha.  Instead, we walked down by the water and simply sat.  Steph and I could sit in a place for hours--talking, watching, and soaking up wherever we are.  We are amazing travel companions and best friends like that.  I delight in the fact that we always want the same things--including AMAZING food.  If you are ever in San Francisco, check out Boudin's.  It is the home of sourdough bread! Thankful for today.  We are happy, well-fed, golden girls. 

[Saturday, December 29, 2018]



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