Ultimate foodie

[day 783]

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Steph and I make great traveling buddies for many, many reasons.  One of which is our love of finding the best local cuisine and trying it out.  When we travel, I typically plan our flights, hotels, and transportation.  Steph, on the other hand, is the restaurant planner.  She is the ultimate foodie.  Today, we started with an amazing breakfast sandwich and coffee at a local dive and then headed to Chinatown.  For dessert, we celebrated San Fran in the best way--by eating dessert at Ghiradelli (it may be a chain... but it is local to SF so it counts!).  And GUESS WHAT?! They asked Steph if she wanted to fill a bag of chocolates for $5 and obviously she said yes.  She walked away with over 100 Ghiradelli caramels... bahahaha.  She has been in Ghiradelli heaven!

[Sunday, December 30, 2018]



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