High Bahá'í

[day 614]

Today was another tourist-type day. We walked through the main university in Kampala and then went to the Bahá'í Temple. It was so peaceful. It sat atop a quiet hill with beautiful views all around. Few visitors were there which made it all the more peaceful. There are only 8 Bahá'í Temples in the world, so it was pretty cool to see one in person. I knew very little about the Bahá'í religion so it was interesting to hear about from a Bahá'í member himself. I honestly just loved the stillness that surrounded the place... and the magnificent tree that stood so grand beside it. I found myself staring at it more than the temple. We finished the night eating traditional Ugandan food in fellowship with the leaders of the Kampala Church of Christ.

[Saturday, July 14, 2018]



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