Praying over precious people

[day 616]

Praying over precious people—that is what so much of today was about. We started the day at Vine Christian Academy in Kiwezi where we were honored to pray with and over the students. It is always so fascinating to see students in other cultures going to school. So many things transcend culture when it comes to kids and learning—from the joyful smiles to the heads down on the desk. I loved it. And I also loved that we were able to leave a “Bag of Blessing” behind so these sweet students would have a few more clothes. We continued our prayers in Busia where we connected with Lydia’s family. Her mom is currently battling some health concerns so we gathered around her in her bedroom and enjoyed fellowship and more petitioning to the Lord on her behalf.

I have several favorite parts of traveling… but meeting my brothers and sisters in Christ is probably my favorite part. Though we have vastly different experiences in this world, we were all created by the same Father and its a joy to go to Him together in prayer.

*A little game of I Spy: I spy the principal of Harding Academy wearing an intriguing face mask… ha.

[Monday, July 16, 2018]



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