Busy in Busia

[day 617]

Today we visited with Lydia’s family in her home village in Busia, which sits on the border of Kenya and Uganda. We listened intently to her father, Francis, share their family history from the early 18th century. We also had the pleasure of eating lunch by Lake Victoria. Though I've been at the lake before, this is my first time at this specific place. The African beauty of it all never ceases to amaze me. Nor do the smiles--the people here are stunning and made even more so by their dazzling white teeth against their dark complexion. Of love capturing the beauty of Africa and the beauty of relationship. We were busy in Busia capturing both today. 

The guys capped off the day by getting local rides to the border of Kenya... for the fun of it. I mean, how often can you hop on a bicycle and ride over to Kenya?

[Tuesday, July 17, 2018]



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