Cades Cove

[day 631]

We joined countless other family-filled cars lining the wandering road of Cades Cove today and it was THE best. I don't love crowds because I just want the nature all to myself buuuutttt then I always realize that is ridiculous and I'm actually so thankful nature is a place families can enjoy together! Anyway, we loved the slow drive through this beautiful place, stopping at almost every little pull off. The weather was quite fun as well, haha, it went from rainy to sunny to down pour to sunny again to out right stormy. I actually loved it. It made the landscape more dramatic and I am all about drama... ;) 

We figured if we were going to see bears it would be here... and we were RIGHT! We saw THREE. I wish everyone in the world could have seen the child-like joy that riveted Steph ... and stayed the whole day. Whether it was because of the bears or the butterflies, she soaked up every moment and it truly made the whole experience better for us all (and it was already an awesome time). We had actually driven the 11-mile loop and saw zero bears.  But we were all so dedicated to making sure Steph saw her bears that we did the loop a second time and got our three.  Not only that, we got EXTREMELY close.... well, we stayed put but a smaller bear got extremely close to US and ran across the street.  It was awesome--though I will readily admit that Steph loved that part far more than I did.  And then another bear was hanging out in a tree eating cherries.  In another life, I think that bear and I could be friends... we have a lot in common about how to pass time… eating lots of fruit ;) ha!

I also loved watching my mom and dad just enjoy being still and enjoying being together with us. They have needed this little break from the norm and there is no better place for them to rejuvenate than being in the mountains together. I have already loved this vacation so much!

[Tuesday, July 31, 2018]



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