Wander through the mountains

[day 634]

So… every day of this vacation has been better than the last. I guess that is what makes the best vacations! Today Steph and I set out on an adventure with Abba (and what seemed like every other tourist in the multi-state area…). We started off by hiking to Laurel Falls. First of all, don’t take Steph seriously when she says she isn’t feeling the best and will go slow… she BOOKED IT up the trail! But once we got there… we were with hundreds of our closest friends. Honestly, it was kind of hard to enjoy and once again, I had to remind myself that it is a GOOD thing so many people want to be out in nature…

We then drove around and took advantage of the Smokies turnoffs. We found a great picnic area off of the side of the road and enjoyed a pleasant lunch together at the river raged alongside us. benefited from all of the rain this week because there were little waterfalls everywhere so we pulled over… a lot.

And what better way to end this spectacular day than to get ice cream… am I right?

[Friday, August 3, 2018]



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