Relationships matter

[day 673]

Relationships matter. Today was all about reflecting on that capitol T Truth. It was a beautiful day today.  We spend the afternoon exploring Central Park with Josh and Laura, two of Steph's students from Harding who are now living it up in NYC.  I have heard so much about Stephanie and Laura's special bond so it was fun to witness and be a part of that today.  Josh and Laura are an amazing couple so I took the opportunity to take some (ok, many) pictures of them today throughout the park.  It was honestly a lot of fun capturing their love for each other.  

Love matters. Relationships matter.  And that point was driven home even more tonight when Steph and I took the ferry out so we could get a good glimpse of the remembrance lights in honor of what happened 17 years ago today on September 11.  That day is so hard for us because it threatened what matters most--relationships.  Thousands of people lost loved ones that day and no one was left untouched by what could happen in this broken world we live in. I am truly thankful for today--for the love I witnessed, the love I shared, and the beautiful love of sorrow I reflected on. 

[Tuesday, September 11, 2018]



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