Shopping shots

[day 685]

When you have to plan a last minute photoshoot outside for a marketing deadline not knowing what the weather is going to be like and then it ends up working great for the look you were going for…

I do quite a bit of work for a local hospital in town. Some of the work is just photographing events, or presentations. But other work, like this shoot, is a bit more fun. They are putting on a local Christmas shopping event in our downtown in December and needed some “shopping downtown” images for promotion purposes. We had a very small window of time that worked for the models and the deadline so we picked a time and hoped for the best. All day it was drizzling and gray so I was getting concerned that we would have to figure something else out. But thankfully, the rain held off and the overcast look actually added to the winter Christmas feel, even though it was September.

[Sunday, September 23, 2018]



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