Bryce Canyon enchantment

[day 853]

Today marked Day 1 of Steph and my spring break adventures. We are pumped to be galavanting across Utah and Arizona the next few days as we explore some national parks and places which have been on our bucket list (well… they would be if we actually had a bucket list). We decided to start up at Bryce Canyon. We honestly thought we would like this one of the least so we started here… ha! If what is to come is more extraordinary then we are truly in for a treat. We were instantly captured by Bryce Canyon’s enchantment. The snow truly accentuated the beauty all around. It was AMAZING! And… slick! The snow had a layer of ice on it so it added a bit of adrenaline to the day. I think I captured a lot of our exploring but what I failed to capture was Steph falling hardcore. Ha! It was truly the best way to start what we hope to be the best trip. From the canyons and the crazy-rooted trees to the birds and the random snowmen, I am always in awe to get to see such things alongside my best friend.

RY[Sunday, March 10, 2019]



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