[day 854]

Today was INCREDIBLE! And you know what is awesome about it? It was made incredible by what was seemingly burdensome but ended up being the biggest blessing. Steph and I woke up today to discover that our route to our hotel on the west side of Zion National Park was closed due to a rockfall. This added about 2 hours to our day and honestly, we were a bit bummed by it. We decided to drive on down to Zion and explore the east side. It was AWESOME. It felt like we were in a totally different world. Steph and I decided to go on this hike that we thought was going to be easy but beautiful. It was certainly beautiful… but it may not have been the easiest choice. Like much of life, it was still totally worth it. Plus Steph got to overcome some of her fears of cliffs and ledges… ha. We were rewarded with our efforts by incredibles views and MOUNTAIN GOATS! It was all just so… breathtaking. We got back into our car already pumped about the victory of the day and not at all feeling there burden of having to drive 2 hours out of our way (when we were only about 20 minutes from our hotel at Zion in terms of distance). We were forced to drive up and around through the Dixie National Forest. We were met with FEET of snow… like crazy deep and crazy beautiful. It was a whole different world. Steph and I couldn't help but pull over and capture some of the scenery around us. We couldn't believe it. Today was a day of extremes… extreme beauty, extreme landscapes, extreme adrenaline, and extreme gratitude.

[Monday, March 11, 2019]



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