Marching to Zion

[day 855]

We marched into Zion today and it was sincerely beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! Steph and I knew we would absolutely love this side of Zion National Park but it truly exceeded our expectations. Due to the road being out, we were forced to explore the park in the more typical-tourists way but WOW, it was still incredible. We took 3 different hikes today and each one had its own unique splendor. Zion has risen to the top of both Steph and my list of favorite national parks. Though I look my work as a photographer, I know what I captured still doesn't do justice to the majesty the Lord created there. I think He had some extra fun with Zion. We were so elated (and exhausted) after our day that we chose to hang out at our hotel and order pizza. It was the right choice because right outside of our hotel room I was able to capture the sun set on this truly perfect day. I 10/10 recommend marching to Zion (okay, well maybe just drive ;) ).

[Tuesday, March 12, 2019]



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