The sweetest surprise

[day 856]

Steph and I woke up super early this morning in an effort to catch the sunrise over the entrance at Zion. It was still dark when we got there but once a little light appeared, Steph and I realized that the "Road closed" sign which has been there the previous two days was gone. We looked at each other, smiled, and quickly got into the car. It was THE MOST AMAZING experience! For about an hour, Steph and I drove along this windy road which connected the two sides of Zion National Park with NO ONE ELSE around. The only car we saw was a Park Ranger. We had the liberty to stop along the side and hike and obviously take photos. Honestly, it was just so purely beautiful and fun. We had zero expectations of getting to see this part of the park. The road opening up was THE sweetest surprise. After galavanting all over park into complete isolation which we know very few ever get to experience, we left Zion and headed to our next destination of Page, Arizona. We got to Page before sunset and were able to drive down to Lake Powell. It was GORGEOUS but also extremely windy... as you can so clearly tell in the pictures. This trip just keeps getting better and better!

[Wednesday, March 13, 2019]



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