Horseshoes and Marbles

[day 857]

Today Steph and I discovered why Horseshoe Bend is such a wildly popular place... because it is legit awesome. We got there early this morning and although there were already a ton of people there, we were able to find our own space to simply sit and enjoy the beauty of the Colorado River winding through the rocks as it has done for thousands of years. It is a sincerely exceptional place. After we sat mesmerized for quite some time, we decided to go and see what else northern Arizona has to offer. We wound up in Marble Canyon and truly just spent the entire afternoon exploring. We had ZERO expectations but we were completely blown away by all we saw. It was absolutely breathtaking and such a pleasant surprise. It wasn't even on our radar... we just happened to see it on a map and decided to go and check it out. Much like east Zion, it felt like a totally different world. We are all about horseshoes and marbles!

[Thursday, March 14, 2019]



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