Arizona amazes

[day 858]

If you have never been to Arizona but plan to go, brace yourself... Arizona amazes. Steph and I never dreamt we would fall in love with this state when we came for the first time back in November but here we are, totally smitten! We said farewell to Page and Lake Powell this morning before heading to Tuba City to visit with our friends, the Kee's. They are missionaries there from our home congregation in Searcy. We always delight when we get to see them but we delighted even more today when they took us for a ride into the desert. It was a BLAST! It was so fun to see Steph so crazily outside of her comfort zone. And their kids are absolutely adorable and adventurous... my favorite combo in youngins! After some time with them, we made it to our sweet, sweet Sedona in time for sunset. Steph's birthday is tomorrow and as her best friend, I wanted to plan something extra special for her day. So Sedona it is. Once again, Arizona amazes!

[Friday, March 15, 2019]



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