Winning day

[day 865]

Today was the epitome of a winning day. We started the day with Wild Sweet William’s and Midnight Oil.. We then took Haley on a tour of Harding so she could see where her Aunt Steph works. I may or may not have done some selling of our programs… ha. And then we had to take her to the Z-Donk. I mean, she has never been here before so we had to give her the real experience. And THEN we headed downtown for Beats & Eats where we found out which 6 local businesses were selected to be featured on the TV show Searcy recently won. We were all ELATED that some of our near and dear friends won! It was so fun to capture their sweet and excited smiles today. I really love our community and loved sharing so much of it with Haley today.

[Friday, March 22, 2019]



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