[day 874]

So, Steph has been dating Kevin for 6 months now and one of the many things she has learned about him is that he LOVED (still loves? 😬🤷🏼‍♀️) WWE as a kid and has always wanted a championship belt replica. Well, Steph had joked about getting him one for fun but they are quite pricey for such a... uh.. replica. But when she came across it for super cheap at her favorite discount of discounted stores she bought it planning to give it to him many months down the road for his birthday. But then he became a champion (😉) at work and got promoted to a leadership position and what better way to celebrate him than to go on and surprise him with this trophy belt. It was truly priceless to see his raw reaction to it. Complete shock and happiness. Yes, it’s a silly little thing to most, but it meant the world to Kevin and not because of the material thing but because of the child-like joy brought and thoughtfulness behind the gift. I was truly blessed to be able to capture this sweet loving moment between these two. Way to go Kevin! You are going to ROCK... (that’s a wrestler’s name right?) your new role.

[Sunday, March 31, 2019]



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