Another Haitian Sunday

[day 566]

It was another Haitian Sunday, which meant incredible views through Cap Haitian as we made the two hour trek to Peltan.  It meant witnessing Richard's passion as he teaches Truth to his church.  It meant being privy to words of wisdom and enlightenment from Todd as preached to the congregation. It means stepping outside after church with Richard and his beautiful, gracious family to capture a few family portraits.  I love our Haitian Sundays.

The afternoon deviated from the norm a bit.  The Interior Design/Engineering side of the team set up shop in one of the upstairs spaces at the CBT.  They have been spending their time here working alongside our Haitian family to come up with a way to use the newly purchased space adjacent to the church.  They have worked so hard to have a person-centered design which helps those in the community.  I have loved witnessing this creative process which is aimed at blessing those we loved here.

[Sunday, May 27, 2018]



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