[day 520]

I got a call from our best local advertising agency (THINK Idea Studio) the other day and they asked if I'd be interested in working with them on a client project they had going on. They asked if I'd be able to photograph along side their team as they videoed at Stone Country Ironworks blacksmith shop up in Mountain View, AR. Of course, I said yes! That sounded like a blast to me. 

I thought I'd do better if I took a solo scout trip to the blacksmith shop and just hung out for the day. That way I could get to know the blacksmiths and the shop. I also love having the time to be a fly on the wall, watching and waiting for the perfect shop moments to capture. It helped to be present for a long amount of time because I believe it helped the guys get comfortable with me just wandering about capturing daily shop life. Of course, I did stop and ask a few questions because they were doing some fascinating things, and they never minded sharing what they are so good at. 

They make stunning handmade iron furniture and home accessories. Their shop is the real deal, they do it all, from start (firing up the forge to heat up the metal) to finish (packing up the painted pieces for shipment). Who would have known such a this kind of big scale place was hidden in a small mountain town.  

I took waaaay more than what I have posted below, but it's just a glimpse of what I saw during my 6 hours of shooting. 

[Wednesday, April 11, 2018]



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