[day 563]

The Citadel in northern Haiti is BREATHTAKING...literally and figuratively.  Steph first hiked up to the Citadel in 2012 and had not climbed it sense.  I had heard her stories of how beautiful it was (and how rigorous the climb).  Although we did have to stop to catch out breath more than once, it was absolutely worth it.  People may not always think of Haiti as a truly gorgeous, breathtaking place--but it is. I hope you get a glimpse of that truth in the photos below.

Aside from the scenery and climb, it was also breathtaking in the most lovely of ways to see Stephanie reconnected with her dear friend Micial.  Micial was the driver and body guard for the last 6 years of Steph's trips.  In those years, they developed a friendship.  Micial has now transitioned into a different career which is better for his family.  This devastated Steph... but he came to visit tonight.  Their hug and sweet friendship is also breathtaking.

[Thursday, May 24, 2018]



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