Camel snow

[day 414]

In Missouri for the week! I am visiting Stephanie and her family who have become so dear to me. I got into town and immediately braved the below freezing temperatures with Steph to check out Rock Bridge State Park covered in snow. 

And then... Stephanie told me that a CAMEL and ZEBRA lived near by. So, OF COURSE, I wanted to go see them. The camel kept its distance and just wiggled its humps back and forth (I guess to stay warm) and the zebra stayed in its barn but we did get to see a bonus horse with a zebra print blanket. Score. I was so enchanted by this camel in the snow that we stayed for about thirty minutes in the FREEZING COLD while I waited patiently for it to come closer to the fence.  Steph joked that we could go get coffee and come back. To her surprise, I took her up on it... but that silly camel kept its distance. It may have been too frozen to move its feet, honestly... 

[Wednesday, December 27, 2017]



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