CC & Pete | LA wedding reception

[day 600]

Last fall I got an email from Christine Chang saying she found my work on Instagram and loved my style. She then inquired about me photographing her wedding reception in LA this summer. It was an honor to say the least because after looking her up I saw that she was a wonderfully talented photographer herself. Her website HERE. To skip forward, she hired me.

I was definitely out of my comfort zone, not knowing anyone and being in a place far different than my norm. But in reality, when I took a step back and remembered what I was doing... capturing moments... it was actually no different than what I love and strive to do so well everyday, no matter what I am shooting. I had an absolute blast photographing this reception. The people were wonderful and I loved seeing the slight shock on guests faces when they would ask me where I was based and I answered with Arkansas. Haha.

[Saturday, June 30, 2018]



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