Cheers to 2018

[day 418]

The last day of 2017--wow, what a year.  It was the year of my highest highs and my lowest lows. Somehow I think the photos I happened to capture today in Columbia really symbolize what 2017 means to me. Near Steph's house is the beautiful field with this lone tree.  Steph has always called this her "Independent Tree."  It stands alone, confident in this field in all its glory.  This year, I grew closer to God than any other year in my life.  Because of that, I also grew in my independence.

Steph also took me to this lake nearby where her dad used to live.  Because of the frigid temperatures, the lake was still frozen over.  But this didn't stop the geese and swans from enjoying their day.  Those pure white swans compared to the rest really stood out.  They aren't like the majority of those around them--they are made to be different. Just as us Christians are made to be different--to be pure and blameless.  I have delighted in that Truth this year.

And then there is Stephanie. What can I say about God's faithfulness in this friendship?  Honestly, no words can suffice.  So I am just trusting that my pictures fill the gap.  There was no other way I could have wrapped up 2017 than with this impromptu photoshoot with this best friend.  And certainly no better to kickoff another year.  Cheers to 2018!

[Sunday, December 31, 2017]



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