Cheers to you, LaNelle

[day 589]

Many of you have become familiar with the Stamps through my blog already... Larry is an incredible renaissance man and LaNelle works with Steph in the Upward Bound office.  They are an amazing couple--truly worth celebrating.  But today, it was all about LaNelle.

Stephanie organized a surprise birthday party for LaNelle's big 60th.  LaNelle thought it was going to be a movie night--"The Greatest Showman." And although the film is spectacular on its on, the evening was made more special with surprise guests, homemade strawberry cupcakes, decorations, and an abundance of love.  The love was delivered through a poster which had 60 different people's reasons they loved LaNelle.  The majority of those sweet sentiments had come from past and present UB students.  It was a wonderful evening celebrating 6 decades for a wonderful woman.  Cheers to you, LaNelle!

[Tuesday, June 19, 2018]



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