Christmas peace

[day 47]

As we have gotten older, Christmas has taken on a bit of a new look and feel in our family. Gifts play a very little role now. We have always had a focus on family but spending time together has become our sole focus. We don't feel the need or pressure to buy a gift just to put under the tree for one another. My parents have instilled in us, by example, the gift of giving when we see a need or want no matter the time of year. Besides, the best gift is the feeling you get when you give to someone else, especially when it's unexpected. 

After spending the morning gathered around the table enjoying breakfast together, we headed up to the lake to spend the afternoon with extended family. My brother Richard drove as I stared out of the window at the thick fog that covered the country acres. Fog always entices me to take a few photos. 

Up at the lake, we had a warm lunch and then down to the water the boys and I went. The boys took off in the kayaks as I walked about the rocky lake edge. It was so very peaceful. The little outing was followed by lounging around the house watching a Hallmark movie. It was a perfectly spent Christmas day with many of those I love most and whom love me most. 



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