Class challenge

[day 161]

A guest photographer joined my class today. His name is Faisal Almaiki. He is a professional photographer from Saudi Arabia and his work is incredible. He has been a guest lecturer before but today he lead the class through a series of photo challenges outside. Each challenge was intended to help the students simplify the creative process and focus on specific themes. About 5-10 minutes were given for each challenge. I participated as well. 

The first challenge was to capture the number three in some way:

The second challenge was to photograph something with one color dominating the frame:

The third challenge was to capture something God-made and man-made in one photo:

The fourth challenge was to look for geometry: 

The fifth challenge was open to whatever we wanted to photograph:

The last challenge was to photograph a series of three photos that relate in some way:

Some of these challenges were easy and others took a bit more effort. I appreciate a good challenge because they can only help you grow. Next class we will be critiquing all of our photos we took today with Faisal.

[Tuesday, April 18, 2017]



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