Colorado filled

[day 271]

I will easily take adventure over sleep. So, after a long and late night shooting yesterday, I got up and out way before sunrise to spend the peaceful morning hours strolling around Garden of the Gods. After taking way too many photos (which you will see below), I drove to Denver to meet up with some good friends. They know I love the outdoors so they took me to hike Devil's Head trail. It was marvelous... despite the altitude forcing me to catch my breath every third word. I couldn't be more thankful for friends like Danny and Layton who took the day to hike, hang out and show me around some beautiful backcountry roads in the Rockies. It was a perfect Colorado-filled day. 

(I edited 100 photos, but I thought that might be a bit excessive, so I narrowed it down to 56. You're welcome.)

[Sunday, August 6, 2017]



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