Dance party

[day 560] 

If you know Stephanie at all, you know she is a passion person--about so many things.  One of the things she is MOST passionate about is empowering and encouraging women.  Pair that with her love of Haiti and it is the recipe for something spectacular.  Today, Steph and some of the other ladies on our team kicked off our women's workshop in Peltan.  I always love hearing Steph talk--but I am especially fond of witnessing the Spirit shine through her here in Haiti.  I think the women felt the strength and joy of the Spirit too, as captured in the spontaneous dance party which erupted after Steph wrapped up for the day.

What also made this day so extraordinary was simply being loved on by the Haitians.  Their hugs and smiles suffice on their own but the way they tend to us is also so amazing.  I enjoyed stepping outside during the seminar to see some women making us lunch.  

The day ended by having enjoying the preaching students play soccer at the Center of Biblical Training where we stay in Cap Haitian.  Their pick-up game of soccer was a sweet balance between intensity and lighthearted fun.

This second day in Haiti made my heart full. 

[Monday, May 21, 2018]



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