Exploring options

[day 61]

I shot a freelance job for Unity Health today but I won't be sharing those photos. I want to share what I saw as I took an afternoon drive. I really enjoy driving, not because I love spending money on gas, haha, but because it can be calming, especially when driving on the roads less traveled. 

On this drive, I stopped at a bridge because I saw the water below reflecting the bare trees with the remaining snow all around. Of course, I can't stop and only get one angle so, I made my way down to the water for many more shots. I love exploring all of my options.

I also had to make do with the camera equipment I had with me. I say that because the first photo is actually five vertical photos stitched together. I didn't have a super wide angle lens and I really wanted to get the whole scene I was witnessing. That was for any of you who care about a smidgen of "behind the shot" talk. 

On the way home another country scene caught my eye. Same viewpoint, two very different perspectives. 

[January 8, 2017]



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