Function full

[day 25]

Today was full of club functions. My mom and I are sponsors of a girls club at Harding and my brother and dad are sponsors of a guys club. Both clubs happened to have their last function of the semester today. Thankfully, the guys function was early afternoon and the girls' was in the evening so we could be each other's dates. I did not spend the whole day documenting the functions. I just wanted to hang out with my family but, of course, I always had my camera on my side in case I saw a picture worthy moment. 

There wasn't much going on at the guys function so we just sat at a table to chatted the whole time. One of the other sponsors is actually a good family friend of ours and they brought their son Noah. He was about the most entertaining one to watch. 

After the guys function, we had a short break and then we were off to Little Rock to the Museum of Discovery where the girl's function took place. It was much more entertaining. 



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