Global Entry

[day 43]

I had to make a quick run to Memphis International Airport for a Global Entry interview. Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that basically is a fast pass through customs upon returning to the States after a trip abroad. You have to apply, be approved and then be interviewed to confirm that you are a low-risk traveler. I applied and was approved so today was spent traveling to complete the process, which turned out to be pretty much non-existent. I must not look very threatening, which is good news to me. I was in and out in just a couple of minutes. 

I saw the American flag hanging in the airport and thought... this would be an appropriate photo to mark the occasion... 

The road trip was made much better because Audra, my wonderful co-worker, went with me. I tried many times to get a photo with/of her. But Audra being Audra, just laughed at me as I wandered around searching for a photo opportunity. I didn't mind the laughs because I laugh at myself as well. Sadly, I failed at getting her in a shot. So instead, just imagine someone beside me in the reflection and walking down the hall in the photos below. 

Ah... and then there was another sunset chase tonight. This time, I spent it chatting with my mom in the seat next to me. 



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