[day 48]

Richard, my brother, needed a hair cut. So, he handed me his beard trimmer and asked if I could do it. I was only buzzing the sides and back so I figured it couldn't be that hard to mess up. As I went at it and the clumps of hairs fell to the ground, I giggled because I felt like I was cutting so much off. Those little laughs sure didn't help Richard's confidence in me. In the end, I did it and he was surprised with how well I did. Now, I still don't claim to be a haircutter at all, so no judging if you see an imperfection. 

Richard also took this time to shave his beard completely off. He hasn't done that in many years. We all need a bit of a change once in a while. 

A storm rolled in tonight and with it came a fantastic sky. 



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