Hours worth of shooting

[day 176]

I got into Nashville around midnight last night, finished some editing for a client and then hit the bed because I knew today was going to be a long day. The early morning light gently woke me up but my alarm was what actually made me get out of bed. I spent a little time with my niece and nephew before heading to my morning photo shoot.

I have photographed homes before but not quite to the extent that my job entailed today. Holly Thompson and her husband are a realtor/designer team that love to fix up homes on a budget. Their own home will even be featured in a magazine this fall. I spent 6 hours with them photographing every room they remodeled and every thoughtful detail put into the decor. It was quite the photoshoot. Good thing they are a wonderful family to be around! After the shoot I had a bit of free time back at the house with my family and then it was on to my evening photoshoot with another family. Below is a very small glimpse into my day of hours worth of shooting. 

[Wednesday, May 03, 2017]



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