Larry, Renaissance Man

[day 575]

One of my favorite aspects of Steph's new job is actually getting to know the Stamps.  LaNelle works in the Upward Bound office with her and her husband Larry is around UB a lot during the summer.  I have learned that Larry is a true renaissance man.  He teaches elementary PE, coaches high school girls soccer and basketball, drives a bus, raises a bunch of animals on their farm, builds whatever needs building, and is a modern-day comedian.  I am sure I am missing a lot of his skills... but you get my point.  I went out to their property today originally to be there when Larry received a crate of chickens. Well, the chickens aren't here yet but I still got to capture Larry in (one of) his elements. He is a pretty cool dude. 

[Tuesday, June 5, 2018]



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