My favorite

[day 16]

Thanksgiving is my favorite because family is my favorite. 

The day started with my core crew.. mom, dad and brother Richard. Of course, Richard started the day of feasting at the already set dessert table. Then we got busy in the kitchen getting the last bits of cooking done and the house ready for family and friends. 

It seems as though I have become the family documenter..... shocker. I used to reject the idea of carrying my camera around during holidays because I wanted to simply be with the people but the last couple of years I finally gave into my documenting ways. Besides, when siblings get together it is too funny not to capture sometimes. 

I'll end with my favorite photo of the day... me and my best friend, my mom. We are a great team and I am deeply thankful for her friendship. 

I have much to be thankful for everyday. 



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