Ordinarily beautiful

[day 14]

Raindrops on the windshield are a pretty ordinary sight for anyone that drives often. They usually get wiped off the moment the driver hops in the car. But this morning, as I jumped into my car, my eyes immediately focused on the perfect little droplets which caused the the background to blur into a beautiful muddle of shapes and colors. 

I have seen (and taken) countless photos of raindrops on glass and yet again, I was drawn to photograph them. I took the first shot in my driveway and then instead of wiping my windshield dry, I waited to see the rain against the backdrop of the old two-lane into town.

I was fascinated by the consistent focus but ever-changing look of the photograph as I moved along. If you look at the ordinary long enough or simply from different perspectives you might just see how beautiful it all is.  



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