Paint football

Paint football


One of the highlights of Upward Bound Summer Academy is paint football. All of the students (and staff) buzz about this event in the days and weeks leading up to it.  I wasn't sure what all of the fuss was about until tonight I was fortunate enough to capture the event.  Wow--they really go all out!  It was so fun watching Stephanie, Scott, Larry, and LaNelle (staff) truly get in their element and have a BLAST with the students.  It was also hilarious to see Steph and Larry at "odds" with each other--as captains of the opposing teams... (and then later when Larry broke the ONE rule of the game... to not get paint in Steph's hair... ha!).

It was a colorful night--in paint and in excitement.  The energy was high and I love capturing that.  These students (and staff) have been working so hard each and every day so tonight, it was all about letting loose. I hope you see the fun and energy in these pictures because it was basically tangible when it was happening.  I love paint football night!

[Thursday, June 21, 2018]



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