[day 188]

I'm sure you have noticed by now that I took a lot of photos from the truck. That's because we spent a lot of time in it. The commute was slow going due to rough roads. It took about two hours each way to get to the town where we met with the church members. But, like I said before, I loved the bumpy but scenic truck rides (and I have the bruises to prove it).

To give you a little more details on the mission itself, let me explain what we were doing in Haiti. The Peltan church is out-growing their building, so, they are planning to expand. This is where the engineers' (and one interior designer) talents came into play. The group met with a diverse variety of church members to help guide them through the thought process of expanding. The engineers spent most of their meeting time asking the church members questions and getting to know the goals and aspirations of the congregation. Then they asked the members to draw out  their vision for the new church building.  The engineers, plus designer, took all of the information gathered and started to piece together a workable plan for expansion. While expansion plans where being developed outside, the counseling team was inside giving a seminar on marriage and family. 

I really appreciated this different type of mission effort because it wasn't a group of North Americans just coming in and building something and leaving. It was a group of Christians using their talents and skill sets in partnership with another group of Christians seeking to further the Kingdom of God in the Haitian community. 

[Monday, May 15, 2017]



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