Power of vulnerability

[day 562]

Today was an amazing day in Haiti.  Steph and the others women on the counseling team have been working with the women in Peltan the past few days.  Today, Steph asked them to do something that they rarely do together--step outside of their comfort zones and share their struggles/burdens with one another.  Let me tell you, there is a LOT of power in vulnerability.  It was a blessing to watch these women--timid at first--break into small groups and pairs to share.  The end made it worth it.  One after one, they share their own testimonies of what even that brief sharing period meant to them.

Vulnerability continued down the road where Amy and her engineering/interior design team helped to guide members of the Peltan community toward a vision for the newly-purcahsed land adjacent to the church.  Members had to speak up about their thoughts and opinions and diagram their groups' vision.  And once again, the result was powerful. 

One of the greatest part of this entire trip has also been getting to know Woudeline.  We came to Haiti not knowing the person who would translate for Stephanie. God worked in His perfect way by providing us with Woudeline. Her story is as incredible as her smile and she certainly blessed us with her presence. I asked if she'd like a few photos taken and she was shyly excited to say yes. 

Vulnerability is a beatiful gift--one that we often overlook or don't take advantage of because it is too scary.  I am thankful to witness this vulnerability and coupled courage with our Haitian friends.  It is moving--and even moved some to tears, as witnessed in some of the pictures below.

[Wednesday, May 23, 2018]



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