Refuse to sink

[day 572] 

So when Steph came back to her office from Haiti this last week, she found her entire office decked out for her Upward Bound Summer Academy "Refuse to Sink" theme (which I found hysterical because her office was decked out with an UNDERwater theme... haha).  But Steph LOVED it... it made her laugh quite a bit.  So today, despite it being a Saturday, we were in her office preparing for her busy weeks ahead. 

Summer Academy means her students will live on campus and take classes during the day to prepare them for their next year in school and also better equip them for college.  In the evening, they do a bunch of different activities.  I know it will be a truly busy season for her... but she is just so excited about it.  So excited, in fact, that we celebrated with a little bubble party in her office.  Don't all directors of big programs have bubble machines in their offices? I know this one sure does! She refuses to sink. 

[Saturday, June 2, 2018]



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