Skate date

[day 372]

I took a photo of some bikes laying against a fence this morning. I thought that might be my photo for the day. But then I drove by the skate park and saw what looked to be a mid afternoon father-daughter skate date.  It was a dreary day so I was surprised to see anyone out at the park but thought it would be a great opportunity to do what I have thought of doing a lot... photographing ordinary life of people around me. Not just the people I know, but strangers and not just from afar, but up close. It can feel uncomfortable to step outside of your comfort zone, but it's only then that you can truly grow. 

This is Jessy and Genevieve. Jessy works in town and had a midweek day off, so he chose to spend it with his four year old at the park. They were truly sweet to watch and kind to let me tag along for some photographs. 

[Wednesday, November 15, 2017]



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