Solar Eclipse

[day 286] 

My dad and I had a day-long father-daughter date. We traveled to south Illinois see the total solar eclipse. The eclipse has been talked about a ton lately and I honestly hadn't planned on going out of my way to see the totality. But when may dad got super excited to take off work and go with me to see it, OF COURSE I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to experience it with him. We got up before the sunrise and drove about four hours north, parked in a state park (along with hundreds of others) and sat in the heat for three hours just to see first hand what a total eclipse was like. IT WAS AMAZING. The two and a half minutes of darkness was definitely worth the full day of driving. I actually spent half of those minutes looking around at the rest of the sky. It was one of the most awe-inspiring moments seeing sunset colors all around. It was serene and peaceful. I wanted it to last forever. 

Big thanks to one of my favorite spontaneous adventure buddies... my dad. And the most thanks to God for giving us spectacular events to experience. 

[Monday, August 21, 2017]



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