STORY University part II

[day 151]

Today was another great day at the STORY University Conference on Harding's campus. It was a packed day of more inspiring talks and captivating stories. Hannah Brencher started the morning by sharing her story and drive to spread love all over the world from writing. She also spoke about how to take steps to find a good story and do good work. My good friend Hannah Owens talked about her passion for greeting cards and how a simple card can impact those around us. Monique Jacques, who works for a Public Relations agency in Atlanta, GA, provided insight into how stories make companies more connected to their audience. Brad Montague, creator of Kid President, inspired us to be child-like and dream big. Steven Shaner ended our afternoon session by telling the story of reconnecting with his elementary school teacher after 50 years. He shared that she had unknowingly helped guide his whole career by a few simple words of encouragement. 

Then we finished the evening with another wonder-filled (and super funny) Harris III show.

Many thanks to Andrew Baker for bringing STORY to Harding's campus. Also, if you ever have the chance to see Harris III preform or simply speak, take advantage of the opportunity. His tricks are great but his story is even better.

If you want more information about STORY, check it out here:

[Saturday, April 08, 2017]



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